Batch File Converter Description
Automated batch conversion of documents (PDF, DOC, DWG, PPT, XLS, MSG, WPG, and HTML) to TIFF and PDF.
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The ImageMAKER Batch Converter automatically converts source documents to TIFF and PDF, and is ideally suited for use with leading document storage systems.

Users can convert source documents directly from binary form to TIFF or PDF without first having to print, and then scan back in the documents.

The ImageMAKER Batch Converter is easy to use and install. No need for custom programming, or any complicated user setup. Users can select individual files, or choose to convert whole file directories. The user interface also supports drag and drop - users can drag files into the InBox from Windows Explorer. A watch folder interface allows remote users to access the batch converter through shared inbox and outbox folders. Converted files can then be copied, moved, or imported into a document storage system.

ImageMAKER Batch Converter uses the native application to convert source files to TIFF or PDF. For example, to convert Word documents to TIFF, the application connects to Word, and then manages the conversion process. To extend document support to other file types, or upgrading to support a new version of the file, requires simply installing the application capable of viewing and printing the file.

Additional features include the ability to watermark the output file. Supported file types include ZIP and MSG file types.



  • Watch folder interface.
  • Output to TIFF and PDF. Support for 1 bit, 8 bit, and 24 bit color output.
  • Support for any document type for which there is a viewer application installed on your computer.
  • Remote access from networked file folders.
  • Conversion Status watch bar.
  • Watermark feature.
  • Application Daemon that can be taught to close dialogs, and look for and react to timeout problems.
  • Support for all languages (Unicode strings).
  • Excellent quality output at 300 or 200 dpi (user selectable)
  • Conversion support for Microsoft MSG files, and ZIP archive files.
  • Capable of handling large volumes of document conversions.


The ImageMAKER Batch Converter is ideal for use within the Financial, Construction, Engineering, Medical and e-Discovery sectors.

The ImageMAKER Batch Converter can be easily integrated with standard document management systems. Output formats are consistent with scanner output file types.

Here are a few examples of how our clients use the product:

  • An engineering firm uses the product to convert AutoCAD drawings to TIFF for document storage. Users upload the document to a specified inbox directory on the network. The converted files are then created in the outbox directory, and stamped with a formated string.
  • A financial company converts mortgage applications and supporting documentation to TIFF. Financial planners upload the documents to the parent company, where they are processed, and then accessed by the mortgage brokers for approval.
  • A Legal Services company uses the batch conversion application to convert electronic documents, including MSG and ZIP files to TIFF for use in Discovery.

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