Tech Notes
Feature Comparison Chart
  • Side by side comparison between Desktop, Server and Carrier products.
  • List of what components are available in each product.
  • Detailed features for each component..
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Document Delivery and Wireless Devices
A quick overview detailing how documents can be transmitted to wireless devices by first converting them to TIFF, JPEG, or TEXT on the server, then sending the smaller rendered version. This reduces the amount of data to be transmitted, standardizes document transmission file formats, and requires less memory on the remote device to view.        
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Electronic Document Archiving To Kodak Document Archive Writer
Government entities and highly regulated organizations such as insurance companies are required by law to maintain records for up to 65 years or more. Microfilm is the media of choice to meet this long-term records retention requirement due to its standards, independence from technological obsolescence and acceptance in legal courts throughout the world. Traditionally, the process of transferring documents to microfilm has been a time-consuming and expensive process. KODAK Document Archive Writer
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Document Conversion for Litigation Discovery
ImageMAKER Development Inc. is the leader in development tools for automatic conversion of electronically stored documents (i.e.: word processing documents, e-mails and electronic spread sheets) to TIFF Group IV format for pre-processing and can be integrated with over 60 different electronic document management and content management systems.

Litigation Automation is important in the management of large evidentiary collections. The most sought after Litigation Automation Solution is typically electronic document management.
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Interactive Web Based Demo
To provide a simple customizable WEB interface for users to upload a DOC or other Windows file for faxing. Support for multiple fax addresses and customized coverpages. Fax connectivity options include using a third party ASP, using an OEM maintained web site, or using the customer premise equipment.
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Product Licensing
A detailed feature list for each of our product offerings, along with suggested licensing prices.The price structure of our products is simple and clear. The only criteria used for calculating the price of a license is the number of users that will work with the software. Each license is limited to a single location, so different locations require separate licenses. We do not have endless lists of extras you have to pay for. You always get the complete software with all features at a real fair price.
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