TIFF Image Cropper Description
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ImageMAKER ImageCrop
A simple utility that takes existing TIFF files, and adds/removes pixels on the top, right, left, and bottom portions of the page.
Useful for triming scanned or faxed images to remove the extra white space around the edges. This way, when you go to print on a plain paper printer, the image appears closer to it's original look (the white edges are put back on at time of printing).
Also useful to remove the CSID, or remove the Bates Stamp, or other markings near the top or bottom of a TIFF image.
In some cases, when printing multi paged documents, both legal and letter sized pages must all be printed on LEGAL paper (PDF printing for example requires this). The ImgCrop can be used to selectively 'trim' back the letter sized documents back to their original size.
To restore cropped images to their original sizes, reverse the margins (to negative values), and re-run the process again. That way, you can crop, then restore, as you see fit, without any loss of data or image quality.
ImgCROP [/i<inputfile> /o<outputfile> | /l<inputlist>] /u<m | i | p> /t<n> /f<n> /b<n> /r<n> [/g<logfile>]
inputfile - tif input file
inputlist - text file list each line containing:
    <inputfile> <outputfile>
outputfile - output file name with extension
u<m | i | p> - units (millimetres, hundredths of an inch, pixels)
    default is pixels
t<n> - Top crop amount
f<n> - Left crop amount
b<n> - Bottom crop amount
r<n> - Right crop amount
    NOTE: <n> can be negative to add to the image
logfile - log file name
imgcrop /iifax.tif /oicrop.tif /ui /t50 /f50 /b50 /r50 /glogfile.log
imgcrop /iifax.tif /oicropa.tif /um /t50 /f50 /b50 /r50 /glogfilea.log
imgcrop /iifax.tif /oicropb.tif /up /t50 /f50 /b50 /r50 /glogfileb.log
pause hit any key to continue
imgcrop /iicrop.tif /oi.tif /ui /t50 /f50 /b50 /r50 /glog.log
imgcrop /iicropa.tif /oia.tif /um /t50 /f50 /b50 /r50 /gloga.log
imgcrop /iicropb.tif /oib.tif /up /t50 /f50 /b50 /r50 /glogb.log
To install:
Unzip and run SETUP.EXE
Quick Start Instructions:
1) XXX
2) XXX
3) XXX
4) XXX
Product overview and operation is provided in the USRGUIDE.DOC file.
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