Server Based Document Conversion
for Wireless Content Delivery



Connecting legacy applications to a wireless world.

Carrier Grade document conversion of email attachments, business documents, database reports, and HTML pages to TIFF, JPEG, PDF or TXT - for retrieval by wireless devices. Wireless access requires quick and timely access to business information. The ImageMAKER Universal Document Conversion Server supports secure document rendering for wireless delivery. Documents can also be faxed, emailed, and printed via remote control, with complete security and within low bandwidth requirements.

White paper on Document Conversion and Remote Access.
A quick overview detailing how documents can be transmitted to wireless devices by first converting them to TIFF, JPEG, PDF or TEXT on the server, then sending the smaller rendered version. This reduces the amount of data to be transmitted, standardizes document transmission file formats, and requires less memory on the remote device to view.

Technical Product Specifications.
Browse through the technical details of the ImageMAKER Universal Document Conversion Engine and contact our support engineers if you have any questions.

Download a fully functional demo version of the ImageMAKER Universal Document Conversion Engine. Source code samples demonstrate server integration with C, C++, and Visual Basic applications. A dedicated staff of support engineers ensures smooth integration of the ImageMAKER Universal Document Conversion Engine within your core application.